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What are some pros and cons to hair extensions?

Before discussing what are some pros and cons to hair extensions? let us just learn a bit about the hair. Hair loss at times becomes a nightmare when hair fall leads to hair thinning and severe hair loss. There are a number of medical treatments available in, still, nothing works. As. Women tend to have sensitive donor site (Back of head and sides) from where if you extract hair once then there will be no growth any further.

There come hair extensions to the rescue for women longing to have heavy voluminous hair. It takes a few minutes to hours for installing these hair extensions and you’re ready to go. Also, the biggest advantage of using hair extensions is you can choose from all the desired hair colours or get those hair extensio0ns of yours coloured as per your choice.

No, need to bother about the hair growth and experiment whatever you like on your hair. From wavy to silky straight hair, you can pick as you desire. The biggest advantage over hair extensions is they look just the way natural hair look. No one can ever make out the difference between your real hair and extensions and you are ready to flaunt your voluminous hair locks. Hair extensions come in hair bundles and as per your need/requirement, you can order them and also in your desired length.

What hair extensions are?

Hair extensions are also known as hair integrations, as you can install them on your head as per your choice. They add volume and length to your hair. And who doesn’t love the dense hair? There are different types of hair extensions available you can choose from. Given is the material details of the hair material used in the making of hair extensions.

  • Virgin hair:

    the virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair collected from a single donor only.

  • Remy hair:

    as the donor had used dye, bleach, harsh chemicals on its hair, etc. It also needs to be rearranged.

  • Non-Remy hair:

    it’s very popular as readily available. A mix of hair roots & tips so that hairs don’t run in the same direction.

Reasons to go for hair extensions

Not always people with hair loss opt for hair extensions, there are many other factors leading to install hair extensions:

  • Those with slow hair growth and short hair.
  • Looking for a particular haircut without experimenting on the natural hair.
  • Adding some volume or bounce to the hair.
  • In a mood to colour hair without sacrificing the natural hair quality.

Things to keep in mind before getting hair extensions.

Always reach out to some professional stylist to install your hair extensions. Don’t ever choose too tight extensions as it definitely going to harm your hair. Always go for good quality hair extensions from professional sites like The Awesome Hair. Never compromise on the quality of hair extensions due to high prices. Take a good care of your natural hair, as then only it will be able to hold on to hair extensions.

The pros and cons of hair extensions:

  1. Enhances your look
  2. Adds the desired length and volume to your hair
  3. You can get them coloured with your desired colour, without the fear of getting your natural hair damaged
  4. Gives you a full head of hair as you always dreamed of
  5. Naturally blends with your own hair texture and quality
  6. No one can ever make out, that you’re wearing hair extensions
  7. Gives a supernatural look and you can switch to different hairstyles
What are some pros and cons to hair extensions?Cons
  1. It might cost you extra pounds to get the hair extensions installed, maintenance expenses, trim, etc
  2. You need to take a good care of the hair extensions and not just the hair up and leave
  3. If it’s your first time then it may take you a couple of days to a week to get to adapt them.
  4. With heavy volume, it may feel heavy on your head for only 1-3 days, and it goes away then.
  5. There may start hair shedding after a couple of months, but only minor and that’s completely natural

What are some pros and cons to hair extensions?

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