Should I wear hair extensions?


The most well-kept secret of the red carpet is Hair Extensions. The reason why the Kim Kardashian and Mindy Kaling turn heads are because they have these full locks, that go from red to mermaid overnight.

Hair extensions have really improved in the last few years and you get real Remy hair (virgin hair from the same head which has not been processed ) with some good technology being used for clips etc. They are not just adding fullness and length, they also give you the opportunity to experiment with various styles.

But before you decide to take the plunge, Imagine Baker of Awesome Hair Extensions, India’s top hair exporter, shares the absolutely important rules you need to know about hair extensions.


The most popular and easy to use hair extensions are clip-ins. While they give you fullness and length, they allow you to experiment with colour and styles. At the same time, they are temporary and can be worn within 5 minutes, and removed in 5 minutes. Basically, they can be clipped in and out when you like.

Then there are options for semi-permanent hair extensions like tape-ins, micro loop and keratin bonds. They are not a good idea if you do hot yoga. So, this and such so many little things should be taken into consideration before you decide which extension is good for you. For entry level, we always suggest clip in hair extensions, for the ease and temporary nature of the application.


It is important to choose the right colour that matches your hair, otherwise, it is a dead giveaway that you are wearing an extension. Go with the colour that matches the ends of your locks, and not the roots. Choose the colour which is most prominent in your hair.

At awesome hair, you can upload the selfie and we can colour match and send you just the right hair for you.


Synthetic hair extension is very cheap and hence affordable. It is tempting to buy a cheap extension set thinking that we can use it for little time and throw it away, but it won’t look good for the little time you might use it. Not only is the synthetic element in the hair not good for your, but it also tangles a lot and has super high shine, which makes it look so unnatural.
The idea is that someone should not be able to tell that you are wearing extensions, so you need natural hair and it should blend with your own. Natural hair is expensive, and it is better to buy a good clip in extension set that you may use for months, rather than a cheap synthetic one that doesn’t hold good after a few days.


Just like your natural hair, your hair extensions need to be treated with care. Wash the clip-ins, every few times that you wear them depending upon your usage.
Before washing clip-ins, you should untangle them with a comb. Then use a shampoo and conditioner to clean them of any chemicals and dust. You can keep them on a towel to remove excess water and leave them to dry in room air.
For tape-ins and keratin bonds, avoid the tips, and condition only the middle part of the hair extensions. Allow your hair extensions to completely dry before using any heat styling tools, to avoid damage to them.
Don’t go to bed with wet hair and make sure they are completely dried before you hit the pillow.

Extensions do not damage your hair, it is how you treat them. To ensure no damage, the semi-permanent extensions like tape ins and keratin bonds need to be professionally removed. The semi-permanent extensions have a life of a few months, and you shouldn’t wear them beyond it.
Do not use extensions which are too heavy for your hair. They can weigh down your hair and lead to hair shedding eventually.

The thumb rule is that after application of clip in hair extensions, you shouldn’t be feeling any weight in your hair.
If for some reason clip-ins are bothering you, try moving them around to a place where they can clip on to a larger portion of your natural hair.

You should take out Clip in hair extensions every night to look after your hair and the hair extensions.

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