Method of Payment

We except all Credit/Debit cards. Please follow the instructions on our website under Payment and Delivery.
If you have any questions, please write to us at care@awesumhair.com

How long are the delivery times ?

The delivery times depend upon the country of dispatch and is usually 3-5 working days . We use DHL  for our delivery services.

Delivery within UK
Standard delivery is 3-5 working days.

Delivery to Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark
Standard delivery is 3-5 working days,

Delivery to Germany:
Standard delivery is  3-5 working days

Delivery to Spain:
Standard delivery 4-7 working days

Delivery to Poland:
Standard delivery 4-7 working days

Delivery within the EU
Standard delivery: 4-8 working days.

Delivery within the USA
Standard delivery: 3-5 working days.

We always have stocks ready

Where will my package by delivered to ?

Normal delivery
Goods will be delivered to your letterbox. If the package is too big then the postal service will leave a note telling you where you can collect your package.

Products missing from my order/ wrong products. What should I do ?

If you have received the wrong product/s then you should return them back to us. When we receive it/them, we will send you the right product to you, at no cost.
Please contact us at care@awesumhair.com or +91 93152 888 50

I have ordered a product that is out of stock, when can I expect delivery ?

We provide you on our internet site with an estimated date when products are expected to be in the warehouse again. For more accurate delivery times, please write to us at care@awesumhair.com or call us at +91 93152 888 50


How do I get a refund ?

If you do not feel satisfied with a product then you may claim a refund to us. In order for you to claim refund, you will need to send back the product to us along with the packaging. Please also put a piece of paper with the product saying why you are unsatisfied with the product. You may also write an email to us at care@awesumhair.com
Once we receive the products, we will review and provide you with an answer to whether the refund will be made or not. If the refund is given, we will also pay you for your postage costs. Customer satisfaction is our key.

Product Exchange. How do I return my product ?

If you have purchased a product and feel for example that the colour isn’t right, you can exchange your product or get a refund as long as the packaging seal has not been broken. Return postage costs are not covered by Awesum Hair.


Discount code or Gift Voucher ?

Gift vouchers or discount codes are entered at the check-out before you proceed with payment.


How should I comb my Awesum hair extensions ?

Using a wide tooth com and coming from the ends of your hair working your way up will ensure minimum shredding.

How should I wash my hair extensions ?

Wash and condition your hair atleast once or twice in a week. Conditioning is a key part of maintenance of virgin human hair.

Can I bleach/dye my hair extensions ?

If you wish to bleach or dye your hair extensions, please be aware that you will be required to put more care to maintain your hair.

How do I look after my hair extensions in the night ?

At night, wrap your hair but don’t wrap too tight, and use a silk scarp, which helps increase the life of hair extensions.

Can I cut the wefts on the extensions ?

Do not cut your wefts on your extensions as it will increase shedding of hair.

Can I colour/bleach/tone my hair extensions ?

Real hair
We do not recommend that you colour your extensions  and we cannot guarantee that you get the desired result after further treatments.

Which colours should I choose ?

We have given colour shades when you click on hair weaves on the front page. You can even email us the photo of your hair at care@awesumhair.com and it becomes easier for us to be able to advise you which colour is the closest match.

Can I swim in pools with chlorine, salt water or take a sauna ?

We do not recommend that you bathe with your hair loose in salt water, chlorine pools or a sauna. If you want to swim/bathe we recommend a swimming cap, if you have a sauna then plait your hair before and moisturize your hair when washing your hair afterwards.

Can my hair be permed ?

While Awesome Hair is 100% original human hair and can be permed of course. But please bear in mind that  the liquids used for perming hair are far too strong for extensions and generally may lower their life.

My hair extensions keep falling out. Why and what should I do now ?

If you lose a lot of hair then this could be down to a number of different factors. The most common reason is improper attachment (that the extensions have been attached to too little or too much of your own hair). Examples of other factors that might contribute to you hair extensions falling out are: which care products you use, if you have coloured your hair or if you have been in a sauna.
If you had your extensions put in at a salon then we recommend that you contact them first.

How long does the hair extension last ?

Awesome Hair extensions are the most authentic 100% remy human hair and should easily last you more than one year . If you take proper care, they may last you longer.

How long does my hair need to be in order to have extensions ?

We recommend that your hair is at least 10 cms long in order to do an attractive and natural-looking extension of your own hair.

How long does it take for hair extensions to be applied ?

This depends on how many extensions you are having and the application system being used. But expect it to be anywhere between one and three hours. Your stylist will be able to discuss this with you further at your consultation.

Clip in Hair extensions are very quick to apply and you can do it yourself in less than 5 minutes.

Are hair extensions difficult to style ?

Because Awesome Hair Extensions are 100% human hair, they can be treated in just the same way as your own hair –straightened, curled, permed and even coloured.

Do I have to get a full head of hair extensions ?

You can have as many or as few extensions as you need to achieve the look you want – even a few simple strands can make a huge difference for either a splash of colour or a little volume. The possibilities are endless.

What will my hair be like when I remove the extensions ?

Once you have had your extensions removed, your hair needs to be washed and conditioned. Your hair will be completely undamaged by the extensions.


I have my own salon and want to be a customer, how should I go about it? We have special discounts for people working in the hair and beauty industry.

If you have a salon which caters to the hair and beauty market , we  provides you with 15% discount on all your orders (more than 10 bundles) . Please write to us at care@awesumhair.com

Awesome Hair available at various Hair salons

Where are the salons ?

Please email us at care@awesumhair.com to get an upto date list.

Are Hair extensions Expensive ?

Your salon will offer you a full consultation to discuss your requirements. Only then will they be able to give you a price for your new look and of course, this can be tailored to suit your budget. Awesome Hair extensions can last up to an year with the correct maintenance and aftercare.

Are Awesome Hair 100% human hair extensions suitable for everyone ?

Hair extensions are a cosmetic procedure and they should be applied to healthy hair. Hair must be at least 5 – 8cms in length to provide comfortable attachments. There are some medical conditions that may make a minority of clients unsuitable for extensions and you must consult your salon hair stylist.

Are human hair extensions better, and why ?

Awesome Hair only uses 100% human hair because it behaves like your own hair. We recommend Human hair extensions to create a more natural look and effect.

This means extensions can be styled using heated tools and straighteners, as well as professionally coloured and permed. They are also suitable for most lifestyle activities. So there really are no limits to what you can do when wearing Awesome Hair extensions.

There have been some stories in the media about the unethical practices of some hair extension manufacturers. Should I be concerned about Awesome Hair?

You should not be concerned and there is no reason to have even a slight doubt in your mind. Awesum Hair  is a 100% ethical wholesale hair company. We procure all our raw hair come from temples in India. The hair is  willingly donated for religious reasons. The bulk hair is purchased professionally and then the entire process is done in our in house factory where every quality check is followed. We are supplying to several renowned hair extension brands

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